DoubleCAD XT v5 has released

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* March 03, 2020, 07:50:46 PM

I've been pulling my hair out when trying to resize bounding boxes and the problem seems to only have started since installing Windows 10.

Previously I would select whatever line / block - click on one of the blue handles of the bounding box - hit TAB on my keyboard to access "Scale X" (enter the number I need) then TAB into "Scale Y" (enter the number I need) and press ENTER. The bounding box would then be resized correctly as required.

NOW I select whatever line / block etc - click on one of the blue handles of the bounding box - hit TAB on my keyboard to access "Scale X" - then problems start
- If I use whole numbers (i.e. resize up from 1 to 2, 3 4 etc) no problem. The "Scale Y" automatically follows the "Scale X" entry that I entered and the selected item resizes correctly.
- HOWEVER if I want to resize down (i.e. using decimal places anything less than 0. It appears that decimal places greater than 1 still work normally, so the problem appears to be limited to decimal places less than 0)
- General note - my keyboard setup since installing Windows 10 confuses the symbols "." & "," (period point & comma). So I am constantly using them interchangeably until the software in use gives me the symbol I need.
- SO if I enter 0.5 OR 0,5 into "Scale X" the same thing happens. A little black rectangle opens directly above the "Scale X" wherein I enter the required entry.
- When hitting TAB to move into "Scale Y" the entered number in "Scale X" does not change to the decimal number I entered.
- Pressing ENTER at this point derives an incorrect resize result.
- HOWEVER I noticed that when I enter the decimal place into the black rectangle that appears above the "Scale X" area and press TAB, it offers me another (random unrelated) number BUT the "Scale X" box in the bottom left corner of the screen has correctly received my entry. So if I move forward and enter the required number in "Scale Y" and confirm the same in the bottom left hand corner THEN the item resizes correctly when pressing ENTER.


* May 20, 2020, 01:34:09 AM
Any feedback in this regard?