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* April 06, 2015, 03:31:17 PM
I used DoubleCAD to make some drawings which I saved in the .tcw format. I bought TurboCAD LTE 7 in the hope that I could take advantage of my use of AutoCAD (in the 2D versions starting with - I think - AutoCAD 9) for many years.

When I try to load the .tcw file in TurboCAD, I get this message:

   The drawing may contain object(s) that are not supported
   by the current version of TurboCAD.
   Such object(s) can be load but will not be shown.
   Do you want to store them in the drawing?

Whether I reply yes or no, I get this message:

   Unhandled exception!
   TurboCAD will be terminated now!
   Do you want to try to save files and generate Crash report?

It's possible that I didn't save the earlier files correctly with DoubleCAD, but I can still open those files with DoubleCAD (which gives me the same warning about not supported objects).

Is there some way I can open those earlier files in TurboCAD LTE?

Thank you.

 - Jim


April 13, 2015, 12:34:58 AM
Jim, I have had this message also but cannot remember how I got round it. I am picking it is more an autodog problem. If you get stuck, PM me for my email and I will take a look. As I say, I cannot recall how I got round this.

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