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New to DoubleCAD
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* December 08, 2009, 09:40:18 PM

 As stated I'm new to DoubleCAD, I some years ago had a copy of Turbo CAD V4 that I used mainly for hobbys until about 2 years ago when a lightning strike destroyed my complete computer system - exit Turbo Cad - I know I had a copy archived someware but I have never been able to locate it. :'(

Yesterday I was trolling the net looking for something to take its place when I stumbled upon DoubleCAD and downloaded a copy, I spent some time playing around with it and not having used a CAD program for some years I wasn't making much headway and the users guide wasn't helping me a great deal. So to cut along story short, I dug out a copy of the Turbo Cad user manual, because I remembered it had some good tutorials to work through that helped you get familiar with the tools and what they do, and to my surprise (so far) I have been able to follow the tuts in DoubleCAD, some of the tools are in different places but most seem to work in the same way and it is much easier to understand.

So I would suggest that if you are new to DoubleCAD and CAD programs in general it may help you if you can get your hands on a copy of the Turbo Cad V4 user guide, maybe ISMI can dig up a copy and make it available?

Just to finish off, last night I was searching for some files and what did I discover?  Yes, you guessed it I found my long lost Turbo Cad 4 - I will probably persist with DoubleCAD, but I now have a fall back option if it confounds me completely.



December 21, 2009, 12:14:08 AM
Hi Max, DoubleCad is a mix of TurboCad and DesignCad, more of TurboCad. As a user also of TC, I find it easy to use. I have changed a few of the key functions to suit me - so it is more like Autoflop, autocon, autodog - call it what you will.

Welcome along too!

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* February 07, 2010, 10:36:52 AM
I'm pretty much a green horn  ;D on this program.  Have associate degree in drafting design and another in Manuafacture Engineering; and I've learn the Versa Cad just before Auto Cad came to the classes (after I graduated).  And here I am learning all over.  This program can be of useful to me I just got to get past of all these commands and toolbar.  Question is.... is there a "cheat" book or in my case "Books for Dummies" in Double Cad if I want to learn quickly?  My job is not related to drafting but it doesn't hurt to up my skill before the company I work for fall under the recession like most company.


February 07, 2010, 10:48:24 AM
Since it is a new program in its current incarnation, pretty much all that has been written about it is the manual, and this forum.

However, there are people on the forum almost full time answering questions and listening to input.

Like auto-cad, Double-cad is a bit of a steep learning curve at first. 

That said, the basics are similar, so if you can find a basic autocad book, much of what is in there in terms of generally how to do stuff would apply.  For some of the command specifics, the manual for this program would be the first place to look.

Also, much of what you do learn would definitely be useful, if someday someone stuck you in front of an autocad setup.