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Plotting issue
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* March 02, 2009, 07:45:04 AM
Hi there,

first of all, thanx for the great decision making this program free yet reliable  :) It's always a big issue before, to find a good and free CAD program that allow us to use it for commercial purpose  ;D

I've tried to make drawing in doublecad XT and save it in dwg 2004 format, then try to open it on dwg true view for plotting purpose [haven't learn how to plot in double cad yet due the deadline waiting...]...

but no matter if i change the plot shading to monochrome or grayscale, the plotting result always come in color mode... Is there anything i can do to make it plot on monochrome / grayscale mode? Surely i will learn how to plot in doublecad soon, but for this file-exchange things, i must sure that every file i'll give to the client could plotted on purpose later...

thanx for the attention, greetings


* March 02, 2009, 08:19:51 AM
I don't remember exactly, but I think in Trueview - in the Print Properties - you have to ensure that all objects (print) properties are NOT set to print to "object colour". (Click on "edit" next to the "plot style assignments" box. Select each offending colour and make sure it is set to print as Black )

Perhaps you can check it in DCad too, but I don't know enough about that now.

Unfortunately, I can't be more precise right now. But, if you can attach the file (with all but a few offending objects deleted), I should be able to tell you better.


March 02, 2009, 10:52:04 AM
Thanks Makr, I think you are right about about their product, but here's how to do it in DoubleCAD...

If you select Print, on the right side of the menu you will see Color Mode - Black Only.  Simply check this and print.  See the attached image.

Alternatively, you can select File - Print Style Manager and create a new style where you change the objects and brushes to black.  Then the print style should save with the file and hopefully that will work for you in your other application.  See the other attached image...


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