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Creating insertion point for Block
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* February 27, 2009, 04:16:43 AM
To create a insertion point for blocks - as in Autocad - follow this procedure. (Normally Dcad creates the insertion point at the center of selected objects, I think)
1. Create the objects
2. Select the objects
3. Change the Reference Point for the objects (ALT+D) to wherever you want it.
4. Type B (for block -- or select the Create Blocks icon). Press ENTER.

While on this topic, a request:
Could we have the option of selecting the "Insertion Point" ,as in Autocad? Also the shortcut - I - for inserting blocks. And -- click & click (click once on the selected block in the Blocks Palette, another time at the place to insert. ) Instead of click-drag.
Sorry, this is not one request -- I know -- but related, no?   ;D


March 01, 2009, 09:28:38 AM
Thanks for the tip.  All these "little" tutorials add up to important help for a lot of people.

As for the requests, I'll check into it...

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March 04, 2009, 08:34:35 AM
As with any other drawing object you can reset the ref point for an instance of a block by using Alt+D and placing tne new location.

You can also reset the reference point within the definition for a block.
1   Go to the block palette and select the block
2   Click the EC button
3   In the Tools menu, select Relocate Block Ref Point - a little yellow dot will appear
4   Place the new location for the Ref point by clicking - use snaps or SEKEs for accuracy
5   Click the Green check mark in the Block palette toolbar (Finish Edit Content)
This will complete the operation.

Note - This procedure is a little more elaborate then just resetting the ref point for other drawing objects. It is required because block definition are virtual (i.e. just a description) rather than actual. Another example of this is that block (the definition) do not have properties, but instances of blocks, actually inseted objects, do have properites.