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Question for problem in Mastering TurboCAD LTE & LTE Pro By Kevin Doucette
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* November 17, 2016, 06:47:29 PM
I am working on a Microwave drawing found in Mastering TurboCAD  LTE & LTE Pro By Kevin Doucette. Items 34 and 35, page 91, mention using the single parallel line tool to offset the sides of a double line rectangle. I successfully offset top, left and bottom sides, but I cannot offset the right side. Is there another way to offset the line? I hope someone has this training disk (2013), as it would require a lot of typing on my part to explain the problem. Also, I inserted text in the twelve circles, but, for some reason, the text disappears. Thank you for any help I can get on this. Oh, I have LTE Pro, version 9.