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Just switched to Turbocad Lte8, some suggestions
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August 11, 2016, 12:28:40 PM
Hi guys,

I just switched to Turbocad and I must say I'm very impressed by how intuitive it is to get adapted to it. However, there are some minor things that are very common when working with keyboard commands(Autocad-like) that if improved would make a universe of difference for anyone coming from another software.
1. Make the snaps display bigger and in another color (i.e. yellow). I'm having a hard time knowing if it's snapping or not.
2. The mirror command should be a command on its own, not depend on the copy command first. That's a bit confusing
3. The mirror command should offer the option to erase or keep the original lines being mirrored before finishing. I mirrored something on the same space  symmetrically and ended up with two mirrored copies one on top of the other.
4. Has to do with #4. The posibility of selecting (previous) with P whenever you run a command after a selection is a must. i.e. After doing the mirror and ending up with the 2 copies all messed up, I should be able to run E (erase) then P (previous) so that it would remove the previous selection, leaving only the mirrored copy.
5. The possibility to remove items from a selection by entering R (remove). In the manual it says that by clicking items with shift after a selection is done will remove them, but it doesn't work.
6.The ability to use Right Click as enter. I just discovered it's done with the space bar, but for people like me, that run most of the commands from the command bar, using right click really speeds the drawing process up.

This sort of functionality is already working in the the different Intellicad versions and in Draftsight. It would be great if you guys can Implement it as well. It would make Turbocad my #1 CAD application.




August 12, 2016, 08:08:40 AM
I correct #5. I was able to remove from a selection by shift+clicking  :D  But then I noticed a new Issue; when I select a block, the explode icon becomes available and I can explode the block. After working for a while on other stuff, if I select another block, the explode icon remains grayed out (unavailable), as if it had lost the ability to explode other blocks. I have to save, close the drawing and open it again for the command to become available once more.

thanks!  :D
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August 22, 2016, 12:00:17 AM
Right click on mouse. mmmm I think that is a setting but can check.

OK, after drawing a line, right click to get a right click window, select Finish.

EDIT. Thinking further, it has me thinking about it too. Will get back.
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