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Dimensions and Accuracy
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* March 29, 2016, 10:20:00 AM
I am a new user  (TC LTE Pro 8x64} and cannot get my dimensions and accuracy to work for me.  i need to be able to draw and dimension accurately to 1/64" and cannot get it done.  i don't know if i am not able to draw to this degree of accuracy or the dimension and measure tools accuracy is not set right. i have tried all the methods in the tutorial and even got to the point i could draw and measure to nearest 1/32. but when i change tools and go back to dimension or measure every thing goes south and i can only get to nearest 1/8. must be a command that overrides the info put in to the properties menu.  any help greatly appreciated.  ty



* April 15, 2016, 06:14:13 AM
I'm not using the same version as you but what I did is.

Options>Drawing Setup>Space Units>
Type: Archectural
Printing Scale 1"=1"
Units in
Line width units in
Precision 6
Format Decimal

Options>Drawing Setup>Advanced Grid
Frequency X:8 Y:8
Divisions:8 8

Options> Drawing Setup>Grid

Spacing X: 0.015625, Y: 0.015625

Right Click the dimensions in the toolbar and under primary units set precision to 6.


* April 15, 2016, 06:17:05 AM
The Dimensions precision is under 'Units/Tolerance' and you also have to set the Round Off to 1E-06.