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DoubleCAD Offset Error
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* March 29, 2016, 04:29:20 AM

I'm using DoubleCAD XT v5 and have encountered an offset error that is intermittent. (at least for me) Sometimes the "Offset" tool works perfectly and other times the created offset object is 'thrown' to another location in the drawing. The inconsistency exists within the same file as well - one line will offset perfectly and the very next line will be 'thrown'. So the error appears to be related to the properties of the line/object being offset. If I offset a box, for example, the newly created offset box will have the correct dimension + the offset value but simply off to one direction.

1) I have compared two lines (one works and one doesn't). The single difference in their properties was the linetype. I changed the linetype and the error continues.
2) I drew new lines - one in each layer. Now both the new lines have the offset error, in that they are 'thrown' to another location in the drawing.
3) I have checked that all lines/object exist on the same plane and they do.
4) Sometimes when I select an object the selection box is also offset from the actual selection area. Not sure if this is related.
5) Drew a new circle and offset - it worked.
6) Drew a new line and offset - it worked.
7) Back to other line and offset - still 'thrown' across the drawing
8) Use "Format Painter" tool and copied properties of working line onto non-working line - offset still 'thrown'.
9) Offset working line and then draw a new line and offset the new line - offset works.
10) Offset the non-working line then draw a new line and offset that - offset is 'thrown' just like the previous offset of the non-working line.
11) Repeat step 9 again and same result - offset works.

So the problem appears to be 'properties' related but I cannot find the difference between a working line and non-working line. Any ideas?