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Colour of blocks (Solved)
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* November 10, 2015, 12:37:02 PM
I want to drag several copies of a block into my drawing, and make each copy a separate colour. (By layer)

If I drag a block from the “Blocks” palette, then if I try to change its colour to “By layer”, or to a particular colour, this has no effect – its actual colour will still be the current colour of the block in the “Block” palette, even though I change its “Properties” to show the colour I want

I can change the colour of the block in the “Blocks” palette, using “Edit Content”.  However, this changes the colour of all the copies already in the drawing, rather than just those subsequently created, contrary to the following, from the “Help” page Blocks/In Place Editing of Groups and Blocks: -

“Note that Block attributes that are edited, added or deleted will not be updated in exiting block insertions, including the one that you selected. Only the "Original" block in the palette will reflect attribute changes. “

Should it be possible to make each copy of the block a different colour?

I don't want to “explode” each copy, as I shall need to change the geometry of all the copies later.
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* November 10, 2015, 08:07:20 PM
When you create a Block, set the object(s) color to "By Layer" or "By Block", then format it as a Block. When you drag a Block into a drawing and assign it to a layer, it's color should change to that of the layer.

Edit the current Blocks and change their color to "By Layer" or "By Block". Hopefully your Blocks will change to the proper colors.

John R

* November 12, 2015, 04:13:05 AM
Hi John R.

Thanks for your help.  It would be nice if what you describe was what happens.  Unfortunately, for me it doesn't.

The blocks dragged from the "Blocks" palette into the drawing will NOT adopt the colour of the layer they are assigned to (By setting their Properties/General Tab/Layer to the layer I want them in, and setting their Properties/Pen Tab/Color to "By layer".)  They still have the colour currently assigned to the block in the "Blocks" palette.

Also, if I try to change the colour of a block dragged into the drawing, using its Properties/Pen, to a particular colour, it still remains the colour of the block in the "Blocks" palette.

Have you tried this on your computer?  I doubt if it is a glitch particular to my installation of the program.
Perhaps I am doing something wrong ot which I am unaware.


November 12, 2015, 09:47:34 AM
The objects within the block must also be set to By Layer.


* November 17, 2015, 03:19:55 PM
To John R and thebrian.

Thank you both for your responses.  Your comments prompted me to experiment further. My problem is now solved.

The problem occurred because I did not realise the difference between making the Properties/Pen/color of each object in a block “By Layer” (Or a particular color), and making the color “By Block”.

If the Properties/Pen/Color of an object in a block in the “Blocks” palette are set to “By Layer” or to a particular colour, then that color cannot be altered in a block dragged from the palette into the drawing.

However, if they are set to “By Block”, and the block is dragged into the drawing, then changing Properties/General/Layer and/or Properties/Pen/color for the dragged block will be reflected in all those objects with color set to “By Block”.

In the Blocks palette, using the EC button (Edit Content) either some or all of the objects in a block can be selected for making their color “By block” or “By Layer”

Others may find a simpler way of explaining this !!!

It is not explained in the “Help” pages for “Blocks”.

P.S. - I have now realised that I may be in the wrong sub-forum of the forum – I am using DoubleCAD XT 5.0 rather than TurboCAD LTE.  However, are they same software?


November 30, 2015, 06:31:02 AM
They are related enough to make it moot for this point.