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compare LTE to the Delux21
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* January 20, 2015, 10:42:03 AM
Is there a feature by feature comparison of Turbocad LTE to the new Turbocad deluxe 21?


January 23, 2015, 06:31:49 AM
I don't think we have a formal doc for that, but I will look.


* February 04, 2016, 10:38:25 PM
Hello, I'm really interested in a feature comparison between LTE (Pro) and Deluxe as well.
The differences are not transparent to me at all...
Thanks in advance!


* February 05, 2016, 12:11:56 AM
There's a comparison chart for the Version 21 Editions in the Wiki: V21 Comparison Chart. It shows all the tools found in the "Commands" page (follow the ✕ mark for Deluxe). The Command pages LTE & Deluxe are similar, but their Categories are not; you will be jumping around. Also, here is the 2015 Comparison Chart.

To me, the big difference between LTE & Deluxe are the 3D tools and your rendering options. LTE doesn't have any dedicated 3D tools similar to those found in Deluxe. You have "Photo-realistic Rendering & Visualization" in Deluxe, LTE has a Conceptual render at best. Version 21 Deluxe has the LightWorks rendering engine built into the program, but in Deluxe 2015 (version 22), they pulled it out. It's now available as a Plug-in.

Hope this helps.

John R

* February 05, 2016, 12:57:05 AM
Hey John, thanks for the quick reply.

Pricewise, compared to LTE Pro, Deluxe looks like the more interesting option then?

Now I use Vectorworks for architectural drawing (2D) and SketchUp for the 3D part + rendering. I also own Rhino, but haven't used it for a while.
PDF support is essential for 2D. The SketchUp support is what makes TurboCAD really sound interesting.

Is LTE somehow better at 2D than the full TurboCAD, or completely the same in that respect?

One more question, Vectorworks uses both Layers and Classes, which is great for superposing floors etc. Is this available in TurboCAD?


* February 05, 2016, 02:02:34 PM
TurboCAD LTE was created for the AutoCAD LT market. It has a Command Line, which the regular TurboCAD editions did not have at the time. A few years ago they added a "LTE workspace" to the TurboCAD Pro editions, but not Deluxe.

As far as 2D goes, the regular TC editions and the LTE editions are the same, though the tool names may differ a little in deference to the AC users.

TurboCAD LTE Pro and TurboCAD Deluxe have a Design Director where you can manage Layers. See Layer Management in the LTE User Guide. The basic TurboCAD LTE just has a simple Layers dialog; according to the Help.

TurboCAD LTE 8 Users Guide
TurboCAD 2016 Users Guide (coming soon, links are in the sidebar)

John R