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How can I get a linework only version of 2cd drawing
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* July 13, 2014, 03:43:04 AM
I have been working on this drawing for a long time, (several versions of Dcad - current is DoubleCadXT 5) and have imported an Acad survey as an "underlay".  The drawing has been cranky' and in short, has corrupted over time.  However I am now on the downhill run to get Council building approval and I need to have it working smoothly.  It has crashed 5 times today usually when extending or trimming a line.

I do not want to start again but am willing to start with a "dumb" version of the drawing.  For example could I export a copy with no splines or beziers, in 2d only (the survey import was 3d and working with that caused some funny lines in perspective view) etc.  I could have it all in one layer, all at zero linewidth, and continuous lines, and all text "standard".

I would then reassign the layers, colours, line widths, etc to recreate the drawing to the current appearance.

Is there such a method?

Yours, in anticipation and dread.