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What laptop to buy?
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August 31, 2013, 12:33:48 AM
After many years of service, my Dell laptop has finally decided that it has had enough and has now gonr to laptop heaven. With that, I am looking at another laptop and am deciding wether to get a Sony, an Acer or perhaps something else. We can get some good deals down these parts and I am also wondering about having to go to Windows 8. My old laptop, may it rest in piece now, I upgraded to Win 7 and may look at down grading a Win 8 to Win 7. As far as I am concerned, Win 8 is for mobile phones, tablets and wally's that like to spend all day being  'touchy-feely' on the screen leaving finger marks every where.

What are your thoughts?

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September 03, 2013, 06:43:41 AM
I have had a Sony, they are good, but bang for buck a little pricey. I usually stick to Dell because they use standard parts and service is relatively easy to get here in the States compared to other brands. Acer and Asus both make good machines although they do use more 'OEM' hardware that sometimes causes weird little tickety issues that are not major but hard to track down.  I love Windows 7 (I still have to use vista on my work machine). I understand your aversion to the Metro interface, but as I understand it you can turn off Metro and then you are left with an upgraded 7 interface.


* September 10, 2013, 06:27:51 PM
Hello Steve,
I have 2 HP's laptops one with Intel other with AMD chips, 10 & 20 gig ram this helps with the graphics without a separate graphics card (in laptops very $$$). I am running Win 7  64 bit on the older one and Win 8 64 bit on newest (without touch screen). Don't worry about the Live Tile interface (like mobile phones) a click on the desktop tile and it looks like standard Win desktop. It runs faster than Win 7 64, everything I have on Win 7 64 works on Win 8 64. There are some apps and live tiles that are nice to have that interface with your cell phones in online storage and access (cloud access). After about a week into Win 8, because a click will jump from one User interface to another, I really like it.