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I'm not a dinosaur, am I?
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February 18, 2013, 07:09:22 AM
I was having a discussion with my better half yesterday about my career from way back in 1970 up until now  ???.

I was describing that from 1970 until the early nineties I was on the board and had some disciplined drawing training in the early days. This gave me a good grounding as to how to prepare, plan and understand a drawing.

From the early 90's until the present day I have been computer orientated, self taught, for my design and drawing work.

So I've experience on the board and on the keyboard, although my cad skills are not extensive I get by quite well and produce many detailed drawings.

One thing came up, which I've read elsewhere too, when meeting a  deadline back in the old days you would  work up to the last minute producing drawings. You may only produce a couple of drawings and a couple of detail sheets or so, but it would suffice.

These days people will still work up to the dead line, producing many more drawings, easily passing what we produced in the old days, Architects particularly, I'm a Structural Engineer.

It seems to be programmed in to you to work up to the last minute of a dead line.

I find this sometimes overwhelms the client, never mind me, when I'm assessing the supplied package of drawings .

I suppose my point is, are we over complicating the production of drawings due to the ease of repetition, scaled extracts etc, I'm referring to buildings and structures, not M & E which is a different bag of bolts.

The odd thing is I'm starting to use the board again, particularly for  proposals, conceptual designs which I can turn out just as fast on the board and the clients like it.

And I'm enjoying it and not extinct, yet!.