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* March 17, 2012, 04:54:25 AM
So, you need the 'advanced' stuff. That is following the architectual work, followed by..........Let me get the TurboCAD LTE stuff done which is about another 2 weeks work, then I'll be flying through the DoubleCAD work and that will not take too long. Just some checking etc etc. then off to IMSI.

I know you`re busy right now with tutorial stuff - just a quick question - hows the 'Architectural' training tutorial going as I think that would be useful for me, as I have just changed jobs and am now going to be working with 'Architectural' students.

Also are there any other 'Architectural' users on this forum who can advise me on books/training material (preferably free or not too expensive) for architectural drafting? My background CAD experience is limited and has mainly been with woodworking/Joinery/Furniture design and build - albeit fairly simple stuff, so it would be good to get some insight on Architectural terms, construction methods etc... etc...



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March 17, 2012, 06:18:23 PM
Spider, I am working through this tutorial and to tell the truth, I have done this tutorial now about 4 times! The last time, I took it to an architect and he found some things that were not right, so I have had to go right over it. Also, the architectual stuff has and is a HUGE learning curve for me.

After our call for help from Carl, I have also had to edit a few things to make it more user friendly for the complete virgin to CAD.

I plan to have the Architectual work completed for mid to last week of April. Now, to get the work done/complete for Carl.......I promised him a couple of days and just had a day sorting out family issues.

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* March 18, 2012, 01:44:02 AM
OK - thanks Steve I`ll leave it with you, take it easy.  :)

I guess for now if I get stuck on an 'Architectural' drafting issue I`ll post it on the forum.

Thanks again