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Blocks within blocks
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* August 16, 2011, 11:11:18 AM
Wish: fix block-disappearing problem when saving to dxf or dwg

I use DC for Lithographic masks for Si wafer processing. I have blocks of a repeating pattern with features on multiple layers, and it is easiest to deal with the repeating pattern as a grouped block.

If I resave as 2cd and reopen, I see all of my features, but if I save as dwg or dxf (in any year version) , close the file, and reopen, any blocks that were grouped have disappeared. New blocks I had created show up in the blocks list but are totally blank when opened with EC. layers are all on. The empty block is further confirmed by the message: "Block is empty. It will be removed from the drawing with all references! Undo list will be empty. Do you want to continue ?"

Beta tester Marek helped me discover that when I want to instance that block within another block, I have to first explode the lowest-level block before instancing it in the higher level block, then regroup if desired. It would be nice not to have to do this, and the problem is just plain perplexing when you are trying to save in dxf format and things are disappearing for seemingly no reason. Thanks for considering this fix in the next version of DC.