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Printing problems - printersetting always changing? A solution
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* July 06, 2011, 10:19:37 PM
Hey folks,

since printing sometimes drives me NUTS!!! because the printer I choose wonīt STAY chosen in the various possible locations to for choosing a printer I thought up a simple way to circumvent that problem.

Itīs too simple to be true but your best bet is to make the printer you need, in my case a large format printer instead of my office printer, the default printer!!!

In addition, set the paper size and orientation and everything else in the driver settings, so that once you want to print in Doublecad you can use all default settings.

This will eliminate problems with printer paper size, paper orientation etc.

Simple solution for a really stressing problem ;)


Working with DCad XT V3.1 build 37.0
TurboCad V17 Platinum