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Selection glitch
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* July 01, 2011, 05:02:30 AM
If this has already been reported, my apologies to the forum.

When trying to select an object that is very close to another object, you get a little popup window with two or more options. In my example, I'm trying to select one of three offset rectangles. The rectangles are very close together.

So my popup window gives me three polyline options because the program needs to know which rectangle I want to select.

Hovering over each option causes that particular rectangle to glow green. And the option on the popup menu becomes highlighted ... for a second or less ... and then the highlighting goes away and the option your cursor is hovering over becomes un-clickable. (Click on it and nothing happens.)

If you don't click on the desired option at just the right time, the rectangle won't become selected. You have to try two or three or more times to catch it at just the right moment.

To my way of thinking, the options on the popup menu should be active until you move your mouse to another option on the list.

I hope my explanation is clear.



* July 01, 2011, 05:07:30 AM
By the way, the Offset function is pretty cool once you get the hang of it.  :)


* July 01, 2011, 05:13:05 AM
Oops! I see that this issue has been addressed a little further down on the list.

Sorry for the repeat.  :-\

I'll give the work-around a try right now.