DoubleCAD XT v5 has released

Trial Expired, cannot install DoubleCAD XT v2
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March 25, 2010, 10:13:34 AM
As a bonus, the DoubleCAD XT installer includes 30 days of DoubleCAD XT Pro advanced features for you to test drive.  After 30 days, the advanced features of XT Pro are disabled with the option to:

1.       Purchase XT Pro
2.       Request for an additional 10 day extension of XT Pro features
3.       Revert to free DoubleCAD XT

In the event during the uninstall/install process for "Install XT" and a message box appears indicating to "Close DoubleCAD Manager" before continuing, please ignore that message since DoubleCAD Manager is the application that will enable XT installation.

In the event that the “Install XT” button was not selected during the expiration of XT Pro and DoubleCAD XT Pro was uninstalled,  here are the steps to install DoubleCAD XT only:

1.       At the end of 30 days, you can open the  c:\program files\DoubleCAD Setup\XT folder.  (C:\program files (x86)\DoubleCAD Setup\XT) for 64-bit OS.
2.       Run the Setup.exe file to install DoubleCAD XT

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* March 27, 2010, 09:23:13 AM
Clicked as shown, program did not install and lost everything.  Tried restore, nothing.  Big problem is I had many hours on a couple of drawings and I can't find those!


March 27, 2010, 01:17:29 PM
That should not happen and definitely no drawing data would be removed. Just like when uninstalling or installing any application, only program files are created or removed.  What happened when you selected the install xt button?  It should have removed xt pro and then installed xt. Did anything strange happen during the process?  Like maybe a message indicating to close DoubleCAD manager?

Did you look in your c:\program files \doublecad setup\xt  folder and run setup from there?  As indicated at the top of this thread, this should allow you to install XT as a fail safe.

Your drawing data is probably in your documents folder, so I would suggest looking at your start button|recent items menu to see if they are listed there.

Please let me know if this works for you.

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* April 12, 2010, 12:43:03 PM
This might have been a more appropriate place for my report about installing only free XT v2... 


I did basically what is suggested above, except instead of having uninstalled XT Pro v2, I had never installed it. (I did have v1 installed, though.) Everything worked except I couldn't right-click a .dwg file and "open with", and when I would "Browse" to doublecadxt.exe and try to add it to the list of possible programs, nothing happened!

Maybe having had XT Pro v2 installed leaves behind some file associations that installing free XT v2 doesn't create?



* April 12, 2010, 01:30:32 PM
Hi. I had  installed at the same time  DCAD v1 and DCAD v2. Both version 1 and 2 have the exe file with the same name. I could  use "open with" and add to default programs to opening dwg only one  exe file. In my case it was file , which I had installed on my  machine as first  ( exe file from Dcad v1). I changed Dcad v2 exe file name to doublecad2.exe, but I was not sure how this  operation affects the on the programme and I returned from it. I had uninstalled Dcad v1 and manually I  cleared the registers of the entries on the DCAD v1. Only then I could use the DCAD v2 as the default program to open dwg and dxf files.


* April 12, 2010, 02:09:58 PM
Thanks, Marek! I had been searching from the .2cd and .dwg end of the mystery. I just started from the doublecadxt end, and found


which was still set to the v1 folder path. I've changed it to the v2 path:

"C:\Program Files\IMSIDesign\DoubleCAD XT 2\Program\doublecadxt.exe" "%1"

Now when I right click a supported file and Browse to doublecad.exe, Windows' program list fills in with all the proper options, including DoubleCAD. Before, the list was empty.

So it looks like uninstalling v1 didn't clear out its entry, and that prevented v2 from ever appearing.

I wonder if the hacks I made before were necessary, or useless...  Someday I'll go clean them out and see.



April 12, 2010, 02:34:29 PM

We do not recommend hacking your registry. Unless you are an expert, or are very experianced you can wind up trashing Windows. Nor do we support configurations were the registry has been hacked, since we cannot know what modifications you have made.



* April 12, 2010, 09:54:36 PM
So is there an officially supported fix for what appears to be a failure of DoubleCAD v1 to release its claim on the  doublecadxt.exe\shell\open\command  key when it is uninstalled? Or a way to force v2 to overwrite it?

I certainly wasn't hoping to play with the registry last night...   



* April 13, 2010, 08:09:17 AM
Hi. In such cases, I do not modify existing registers, but I delete those that remain after my uninstall old programme. In this case,I uninstalled   the DCAD v1, I removed the registers, which remained and only then I installed DCAD v2 and after that I did not nothing in the registers. I hope that someone who does not have any experience in this, will not try to delete and modify registers. Looks like LorenAmelang fortunately has some experience .In general, this is as a last resort and we do it when all else fails.Warning Brian impresses ( capital letters and red color) , but it is definitely needed . It was not my intention to encourage anyone to modify his registers.


* April 13, 2010, 09:48:55 AM

We understand that you are not planning on buying XT Pro... but we would appreciate it if you did not discourage others from at least taking a look... no one is under any obligation to buy... and we purposely go out of our way to create a robust, free for personal and commerical use product that we are not constraining in any way ... so we hope this is a reasonable request.



* April 14, 2010, 02:32:40 PM
Sorry if I've interfered with marketing strategy! That was definitely not my intention. As I understand the situation, I'm in the same position as someone who has had a DoubleCAD v1 version installed, and then installs the "universal" v2 version 30-day trial in the intended way.

Uninstalling v1 does not remove critical registry entries, and installing v2 does not overwrite them. The .exe files have the same name, so unless I had overridden your install defaults that put them in a different path from v1, my right-click menu isn't going to work, whether or not I've bypassed your Pro demo.

Fearing complications like this, I searched this forum and the web before installing v2, for reports of installation issues, and for clues about the best strategy. I found no suggestions about whether I should uninstall v1 first, and not a word about forcing v2 to install in the same folder path that v1 had used. If I missed the critical document, I hope someone will link it to this topic!

Personally, I think "uninstall" implies the removal of all registry entries a program has created, as well as removing its files. And I really appreciate installers that detect earlier versions and walk the user through the choice to preserve or overwrite them. Since DoubleCAD seems to do neither, it would be very smart of the company to provide clear and obvious instructions on the download page. If we are required to uninstall v1 and manually remove certain registry entries before installing v2, that should be noted in enough places that nobody will miss it. The first screen shown by the installer would be a good last resort place to specify the update procedure.

If installing the 30-day trial of v2 Pro somehow bypasses these conflicts with v1, you have an opportunity here to encourage people to do that. But what I read in previous posts make me think it would make no difference. I wonder if the switch from v2 Pro to free v2 creates yet another instance of this issue? That's exactly what I was trying to avoid by installing as I did... 



April 14, 2010, 07:42:09 PM
Hi Loren,

You can easily associate file types including .2cd and .DWG to DoubleCAD v1 or v2 without the dangers of a registry hack.  Have you tried simply associating the file by right - clicking it in windows explorer and selecting "Choose Default Program..."?  (see image).  I was able to associate .DWG to DoubleCAD XT v2 with no problems and I have DoubleCAD XT v1, v2,  XT Pro v1 and V2, and even AutoCAD 2009, 2010 installed on my machine.

Just like AutoCAD and other programs, we do not want to automatically remove previous versions and replace it with the current version since this would cause more problems.  Many people want to evaluate a new version but still want to keep the previous versions on there machines since they may have a lot of customization and perhaps right in the middle of a project, where they don't want to have to learn a new version or re-customize their settings.  We leave it up to the user to decide if they want to un-install their older version and they can do that at their own choosing and when they are ready.

With the exception of the XT Pro v2 bonus features, when the trial expires you have the option to purchase, extend, or install free XT after 30-days.  In this case we help automate the process by removing the XT Pro trail and installing free XT if you choose to revert to it.

Hope that helps.

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* April 14, 2010, 08:09:15 PM
... and -- as has been mentioned before on this forum -- free, toll-free help is available for any kind of installation problem:

M-F:  8:00am to 5:00pm PST

1.800.833.8082 [press 2]

No reason to go it alone for things like this!




* April 14, 2010, 10:07:25 PM
I certainly did try the normal procedure for associating filetypes. Many times! As I posted in

DoubleCAD v1 continued to own the right-click function even after I had installed v2.

When I uninstalled v1, I was totally amazed to find that the procedure that has always worked with every program through many versions of Windows absolutely wouldn't work to let me change that v1 association to DoubleCAD v2! I could select "Choose Default Program", and navigate to the new doublecadxt.exe file, and nothing at all happened, the Windows list of possible programs remained blank. I'm still convinced you have a bug there!

When you say, " I was able to associate .DWG to DoubleCAD XT v2 with no problems and I have DoubleCAD XT v1, v2,  XT Pro v1 and V2, and even AutoCAD 2009, 2010 installed on my machine", how were you able to select between v1 and v2?

Are you saying that if I'd tried to "Choose Default Program", and navigated to the folder with version 2 of the doublecadxt.exe file _before_ I uninstalled v1, I could have changed the association from v1 to v2? I certainly couldn't after I had uninstalled v1!

There is only a single registry key
that can be associated with the name "doublecadxt.exe", and since both versions use that same name, there can only be one right-click association at a time.

You may be right that one could switch it between v1 and v2 while both are installed. After I had uninstalled v1 using the Windows "Programs and Features" control panel, that association function was totally broken.

I did not realize you were offering free phone help for install issues! That's unusually generous. I figured I might as well "go it alone", because none of my original forum questions about the maddening problems I encountered with v1 had produced any answers in over a week.

I decided to try the v2 version before giving up on DoubleCAD entirely.

I now understand that if the default box shows something like "2.02 in" and you want to change it, you must type something like "2.04in" without the space to avoid an unwanted commit of your object. (Not sure how we are supposed to know that, but then I've never used real AutoCAD, only Mac CAD tools and AutoCAD clones...) I'd never seen a program where you were required to enter the units if your number was already in the default units, and v2 doesn't seem to require it, but v1 certainly produced bizarre results if I didn't.

I spent hours searching the forum and the web, reading the help and even brute force searching through the entire pdf for every instance of relevant words, and universally found help revealed the obvious and neglected such critical details. Maybe my problem is never having learned habits that all AutoCAD operators take for granted? My background is MacDraft, Claris CAD, and for many years now, VDraft2.2 on Windows. Not exactly mainstream... 



April 15, 2010, 07:19:56 AM

Per  your previous thread, this is probably why you are having problems:
--------------------------------------------------------------------- I stopped the initial unpacking when it asked me for the four keys. I then went into the plain XT folder (in the location I had chosen when beginning the install) and ran its setup.exe, which worked fine.

But...  You can't successfully right click a dwg or skp file to open it. I had XT V1 already installed, and it continued to "own" those filetypes even after V2 was installed.


Cancelling right in the middle of install probably interrupted DoubleCAD from completing its registry key entry.


When you say, " I was able to associate .DWG to DoubleCAD XT v2 with no problems and I have DoubleCAD XT v1, v2,  XT Pro v1 and V2, and even AutoCAD 2009, 2010 installed on my machine", how were you able to select between v1 and v2?


In the attached image, I just selected the "...Browse" button, navigated to my v2 folder and selected doublecadxt.exe

on another note, do you have other applications on your computer that can open .DWG files like TrueView, or other Autodesk product?  If so, these programs automatically associate .DWG to their application once you launch them, so this could be your case since you mentioned DoubleCAD native file formats opened fine (.2CD, .2CT etc)

Thanks for your feedback.  We'll also test the steps you had taken and see what we can do to prevent this problem from happening to others.
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