DoubleCAD XT v5 has released

DoubleCAD XT v2 is now available!
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January 25, 2010, 03:27:58 PM
I'm happy to inform you that DoubleCAD XT v2 is now available, as well as a small maintenance update to DoubleCAD XT Pro.

DoubleCAD XT will now include 30 days of free use of the DoubleCAD XT Pro features, then will revert to the free DoubleCAD XT.  As such, to inform you about what's new in DoubleCAD XT I will refer to a page on the DoubleCAD XT Pro web site:

This page lists all DoubleCAD XT and XT Pro featues that are new and indicates which are Pro specific.  You can also see the other Pro features that you'll be able to try when looking at those pages.

To get your copy of DoubleCAD XT v2 go here:  (Yes, you'll have to register for it again.  Sorry, but we do appreciate the information.  It helps us in feature planning.)

Let us know how we're doing!

The DoubleCAD Team

DoubleCAD XT Pro on XP Pro...

* February 15, 2010, 01:52:19 PM

I filled out the form and regestered again, but the Registration and Activation Key's sent per mail didn't work.
What did went wrong?

Regards from Germany


February 15, 2010, 10:21:54 PM
There is a screen requiring the 4 sets of numbers in order.  All 4 need to be used.  The email shows them in the same order as they should be placed in the screen.  Perhaps it is a good idea to copy and paste them into the fields, then it should be fine.  If it isn't working let us know the details of what the error message is and when.

DoubleCAD XT Pro on XP Pro...

* February 16, 2010, 11:15:48 AM

I tried a severals times to copy then. Even each 4charter group after another. At last I used the keyboard too. nothing worked!

I'll send you a screenshot, perhaps someone at your place has an idea what is going wrong



February 16, 2010, 11:47:36 AM
Feel free to email the screenshot to:

   wmanning (at)

Most of the time it is because of incorrectly typed number in one location or a missing number.  Otherwise I don't know what it would be.  Please verify all 4 codes are in the right place, and if you type them to use 0 (zero) and not O (the letter).

DoubleCAD XT Pro on XP Pro...

* February 16, 2010, 12:11:42 PM
I dont come through

                        The Postfix program

<wmanning(at)>: host[] said: 550
    Blocked (in reply to RCPT TO command)

I try my gmx acc too
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* March 29, 2010, 05:58:55 AM

Is it possible to install the free version of DoubleCAD XT v2 without the 30 day trial for Pro? I have DoubleCAD XT v1 installed and have downloaded and installed the free version of DoubleCAD XT v2 however this has installed independently alongside DoubleCAD XT v1 in a completely new directory structure and also set up complimentary folders entitled DoubleCAD XT Pro etc.

I do not really want the Pro folder structure so can this be avoided when installing the free v2? Alternatively, what happens to the Pro folders once the 30 day trial expires and I revert to free v2?




* March 29, 2010, 04:24:33 PM
Technically, yes.  But, business-wise, you are under no obligation to buy anything... the only request we make is for you to check out our Pro product for 30 days.  Our hope is that you'll like the additional features/capabilities... because Pro sales are necessary to fund development of the free product as well.  We sincerely hope this isn't too much to ask.

Someone else will chime in here re: folder questions.
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March 30, 2010, 09:49:42 AM

The Pro folders will get removed at un-installation unless you have any customized or new drawing data in them.  In such case the program files will be removed and the folders with customized data will remain  (as with any other InstallShield based installer app).  Of course you can manually move your custom files and delete the folder if you want or at installation, have the option to use any folder name you desire. (instead of the default Pro folder names)

Hope that helps.


March 30, 2010, 02:15:36 PM
I'll put up a note tommorow regarding which folders/and file it would be optimal to keep if you have made modifications.
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* April 12, 2010, 12:20:15 PM
It is possible to install only the free version, but I'm not sure it is advisable... 

Knowing I'm not going to buy Pro for my home machine, I thought I'd avoid the switchover in a month, so I stopped the initial unpacking when it asked me for the four keys. I then went into the plain XT folder (in the location I had chosen when beginning the install) and ran its setup.exe, which worked fine. The program installed and works. From inside DoubleCAD XT you can open any of the file types it knows about. You can double-click 2cd and 2ct files in Windows Explorer.

But...  You can't successfully right click a dwg or skp file to open it. I had XT V1 already installed, and it continued to "own" those filetypes even after V2 was installed. (Personally, I expect an "update" to replace the older version, but I guess that was never the intention of the DoubleCAD authors.)

So once I saw V2 working, I decided to uninstall V1 using Windows "Programs and Features". That seemed to work fine, and did not obviously harm V2. But it didn't fix the file associations. I tried a repair install of V2, but it didn't help either.

The bizarre factor was that in every case I'd ever seen, you could always right click on the .dwg file and select Open With, then select Choose Program, and in the dialog box click "Browse". In this case I could browse to the doublecadxt.exe file and select it, but _nothing_ happened! It did not appear in the list of possible programs, but there was no error message either! I tried every route I know and couldn't get DoubleCAD to appear as an "open with" program choice in Windows.

Improvising in the registry, I created
but that didn't help (at least by itself).

and setting it to "DoubleCAD.Drawing.1" seems to have solved the problem for .dwg files. To duplicate the official installer usage, that key needs to be REG_NONE instead of REG_BINARY, but since it seems to work as is, I didn't bother with regedt32 and all the permission and ownership hassles.

Of course that didn't fix .skp and all the other file types...  Obviously we shouldn't need to hack the registry. Is it possible nobody has tested the free XT V2 installer without having had the 30-day XT Pro V2 version installed first?

Is there some easier way to get DoubleCAD XT V2 to appear as a right-click "open with" choice?

On the positive side, V2 seems to have fixed some of the maddening dimension entry issues I was having with V1.



* April 12, 2010, 02:14:55 PM
Probably a better solution. Or at least the next piece of the puzzle:

which was still set to the v1 folder path. I've changed it to the v2 path:

"C:\Program Files\IMSIDesign\DoubleCAD XT 2\Program\doublecadxt.exe" "%1"

Now when I right click a supported file and Browse to doublecad.exe, Windows' program list fills in with all the proper options, including DoubleCAD. Before, the list was empty.



April 12, 2010, 02:32:37 PM

We do not recommend hacking your registry. Unless you are an expert, or are very experianced you can wind up trashing Windows. Nor do we support configurations were the registry has been hacked, since we cannot know what modifications you have made.


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* April 13, 2010, 09:49:32 AM

We understand that you are not planning on buying XT Pro... but we would appreciate it if you did not discourage others from at least taking a look... no one is under any obligation to buy... and we purposely go out of our way to create a robust, free for personal and commerical use product that we are not constraining in any way ... so we hope this is a reasonable request.