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How Do I Draw (and cut & paste) on Layers?
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* December 30, 2009, 10:02:46 AM
I have been unable to draw on other layers. (I'm just beginning with CAD.)

On layer 0, I drew two tables (plan view, so they are just a rectangles, 2.5'x8'). Then I set brush properties so that one had cross hatching and the other had dots. I also added a text box to the center of each table. One says "Club", the other "Rental."

Question 1: the tables look fine. However, I would like to have the table rectangle on layer 'a' and the shading and text on layer 'b'. I can not figure out how to draw on another layer. My first attempt had me drawing on 'invisible' layer 1. Can you tell me how to access the separate layers.

Question 2: Eventually, I would like to make a floor plan of a banquet room (lets say, another rectangle) on a separate layer, eg layer 'c'. Then I would cut and paste several multi-layered tables into the banquet room. Thus I would have:

  • Layer a: Table rectangles
  • Layer b: Table shading and text
  • Layer c: Room floor plan

My goal is to print a floor plan with the table locations (layers a & c), and another floor plan showing the locations of the table types (layers a, b, &c).

Is this possible? Can I cut and paste the tables and table text when they are on multiple layers?

Thank you for your help,


* December 30, 2009, 10:27:26 AM
Hi Harry. At first you have create new layer and name it. One way - select "Tools/Palettes/Design Director/Create new layer-name". Another way - "Options/Drawing Setup/Layers/ New". If you want to put element on layer , select this element (it must be highlighting) and choose from layer's list,  this layer what you need or click with right mouse button on elemant - select "Properties/General" and choose  layer what you need and click "OK". If you want to make some layers invisible, choose them from list and click on "eye" - it must be grey. If you want to make them visible , click on "eye"- it must be black.
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January 25, 2010, 06:00:07 PM

Double cad does not use "current layer" to determine where to draw, it is set by tool.

So, to draw new items onto a new layer directly, you need to set the layer property of the tool you want to use.

Just right-click the line tool, on the general tab select the new layer, and then OK.  This affects also polyline, and box tools, but not for example circle or arc tools (tested in pro 2.0)

So if you want to draw circles or text or dimensions on your new layer, you need to set those tool's layer properties separately.

We have been requesting an option to set the layer property for all tools at the same time.


* March 20, 2011, 12:56:26 PM
You can also accomplish that layer assignment to the tool by selecting a tool, then selecting a layer in the layer toolbar, then drawing. The tool will keep the assignment until it's changed, apparently. A little more intuitive than the right click for me anyway.