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Bug reporting / Re: Snaps are not working at all
« Last post by thebrian on December 01, 2016, 08:01:12 AM »
try the following:

Maybe something happened with the configuration settings. You can try this:
1st close DoubleCAD
2nd Go to C: \ Users \ <YourUserName> \ AppData \ Roaming \ IMSIDesign \ DoubleCAD \ 5 \ XT \ Profiles
3rd From the Profiles folder, delete the "Built-in" folder entirely
4th Restart DoubleCAD (the Built-in will automatically be rebuilt)
Need Help? Problems - Solutions / Re: Move program to new computer
« Last post by thebrian on December 01, 2016, 07:58:40 AM »
You can just copy the install file over to the new computer and install there using the same serial number and activation code.
I am working on a Microwave drawing found in Mastering TurboCAD  LTE & LTE Pro By Kevin Doucette. Items 34 and 35, page 91, mention using the single parallel line tool to offset the sides of a double line rectangle. I successfully offset top, left and bottom sides, but I cannot offset the right side. Is there another way to offset the line? I hope someone has this training disk (2013), as it would require a lot of typing on my part to explain the problem. Also, I inserted text in the twelve circles, but, for some reason, the text disappears. Thank you for any help I can get on this. Oh, I have LTE Pro, version 9.
DoubleCAD XT Discussion / Text formatting changed and can't correct
« Last post by rdburghard on November 13, 2016, 12:52:51 PM »
Granted, I am completely new to DoubleCad XT, but I've been creating a schematic drawing and using Arial as my text font.  It was working fine until today and I don't know if i changed some default or what.  Half of my text has changed to a txt.shx form.  I can edit the text and change it to Arial or another font, but when I exit the drawing after saving and load it again, the changes don't take.  It is back to the txt.shx again.  Some of the text is still OK.  However, even some numbers I saved in a block picture of an I.C. have changed.  What gives?  I can't get it to bring back the correct font any more.  I tried entering a new text line in New Times Roman and it worked once, but any of the existing text I try and correct, the changes don't stay.  Even If I try and enter them new, it won't change.  I'm wondering if it has to do with 'multi-line text' formatting, because the one time I had a line work, it was a single name.  The ones that have changed do have multiple lines.  How can I get them all to change back to Ariel like I want?
TurboCAD LTE Discussion / Re: Snapping to center of a given circle.
« Last post by Carl on November 09, 2016, 06:58:22 PM »
Thanks, John R. I was confused at seeing only an arc with center snap. I now know that is a circle center snap as well.
TurboCAD LTE Discussion / Re: Snapping to center of a given circle.
« Last post by John R on November 03, 2016, 07:45:18 PM »
Make sure "Modes / Snaps / Center" is active, then click on the Circle perimeter. The Polygon tool will ask if you want the polygon "Inscribed" or "Circumscribed" to the Circle (inside or outside), then it will snap to the center of the circle. To finish the polygon, you could use a hotkey when you're over the circle; "Alt+Q" to snap to a Quadrant, "Alt+N" to snap to any near point on the circle or enter an Angle & Radius.
TurboCAD LTE Discussion / Re: Equivalent version of AutoCad LT
« Last post by Carl on November 03, 2016, 04:37:35 PM »
I purchased a training disk from TurboCAD which is helpful in learning the program.
TurboCAD LTE Discussion / Snapping to center of a given circle.
« Last post by Carl on November 03, 2016, 04:32:25 PM »
I recently received a TurboCAD LTE Pro training disk. One exercise is to insert a regular octagon into a circle; the center of the octagon is supposed to snap to the center of the circle. I can't find a snap tool for snapping to the center of a circle, so please tell me how this is done. Also, the octagon doesn't fit exactly inside the circle when properly positioned (by other means)---is this a fluke of TurboCAD, or am I possibly doing something wrong?
Need Help? Problems - Solutions / Move program to new computer
« Last post by frescomexico on October 28, 2016, 09:09:08 AM »
Due to spilling coffee on my keyboard, I have been using my wife's computer and installed Lte on it. I now have a new computer. How do I go about installing the program on it. My original was an internet download.
Bug reporting / Snaps are not working at all
« Last post by mlabarre58 on October 28, 2016, 06:17:04 AM »
Using DoubleCAD XT 5.0 32-bit Build 30.2 - Windows 7, Build 7601

Had not used the program for a while, and now I cannot get "Snaps" to work at all.

I have toggled the ""SNAP" button at bottom left of screen with no affect.
I can view the drawing aids menu by right clicking on the "snap" button, and try to select "intersection" to draw a new line starting at the intersection of two other lines - no highlight of the intersection, and the line does not "snap" to the intersection.

Have tried from tool bar, and doesn't work either.
I can see the "int" command in the command line, and the "intersection" button is highlighted in tools, but no snap

I can't rule out that I may have inadvertently changed something, but have no idea what that something might be.

Please help. I find a CAD system more or less useless if you can't snap
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