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Title: Blocks; Xref; whats is best
Post by: jammacbeth on April 12, 2016, 02:30:35 AM
I am opening up detail drawings from a DWG format in Turbo Cad lite pro 6; I am then editing them and saving them back into DWG format. I have had multiple issues with text; leaders; and image in the drawing. I have been on Turbo Cad forum and got a lot of feedback.....and just found out about this forum. I have edited text and leaders only to have them revert back to what they were before I edited them. I also have a logo which I attach to each drawing. The logo was an image I inserted into a drawing, then turned it into a symbol in my library...(I think it is a symbol); I selected the image and then dragged it into my symbols library (it is a.2cd file). The architects in our office use Auto Cad (why we use Turbo Cad Lite Pro 6.....????), anyways, when the architects open it the logo is not there, it just shows like the xref to it. Not sure if I am using the right term xref.....but all they see is what looks like the path to the logo, make sense?
Title: Re: Blocks; Xref; whats is best
Post by: thebrian on April 14, 2016, 06:20:03 AM
AutoCAD does not support embedded images so the image/logo is converted into an xref