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Title: REPEAT and RECENT commands don't work
Post by: Louisaz on October 06, 2012, 03:29:36 PM
These bugs relate to TC LTE v. 5 (64-bit)

ISSUE #1 -- REPEAT and RECENT Commands: 

When you right-click the mouse, the pop-up menu includes two commands that don't work:  The REPEAT command and the RECENT command.  For example, after you draw an object, and exit the command, you should be able to right click and select REPEAT to invoke the last command used.  Instead, it defaults to SELECT OBJECT -- not the last command prompt.  This is frustrating, as it applies to ALL drawing commands.

Could this bug be hardware related?  No!  I still have TC LTE Version 4 (32-bit) installed on my PC and both the REPEAT and RECENT commands work as they should.

I have sent bug reports to TC regarding these two issues.

I will be adding other bugs and comments to this string of posts as they are encountered.